Another two plate wood lithograph, this image was processed using gum only, left to dry for three days, the results where very good when compared with the first image which was etched using gum acid mix on a pre milked sanded board. The other aspect of this process is the cutting out of areas of the plywood to create a white areas, which I liked.

It has been  an interesting start to the new year, been busy trying out different techniques for wood lithography and I am seeing some great works being created. The work so far are based on the Girls Own series started in 2018, the first imaged produced using Mokulito is inspired by Harriet, an antislavery campaigner and Clara, who is said to have created the Red Cross association. Both works have been produced by using Luna wood, two plates each and added chine collie. Some where printed as single plate edition and the other as a two plate colour run. The  total number produced  for both plates is 30, but it would have been possible to produce more from the plates.
First Printing
Harriet was the first plate, lightly sanded, drawing on the plate using traditional lithographic material, and tusche, using wood carving tools, some areas where cut out. The plate was covered in liquid gum and allowed to dry for serval days. The gum was washed out, and plate rolled up using two colours on two sponges rollers using lithographic ink, the ink was quite loose but added a little plate oil, I also found that sponging the plate between rolling was too messy so reverted to just using a spray bottle between rolling. Different printmaking papers where used also wet and dry paper, I decided on dry smooth paper, BBK Rives and ran the edition, an extra 5 works were produced for the chine collie.
When dry, these first prints where  used on top of plate number two, this key plate was produced much the same way as the above with the exception of only using black ink. The ink  I tried was lithographic, but found it too stiff so used Aqua Black an etching ink with a little easy wipe, the studio was warm so the ink was loose, also reverted back to a large rubber roller which left no roller marks, some scumming did occur around the edges, this was wiped away using a small sponge. As with plate number one I used a spray bottle between rolls being careful not to make the plate too wet.

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