Artist Book for July is ‘Catherine in Paris’

Cover 1 edt edt 1 cath 1 dragon 2 cath 7 with church

A Book for Christine

Christine Turner has been a breath of fresh air in the arts in Bundaberg Queensland.  For many years

she has worked in the area of painting, recycled assemblage, installations, computer art and animation, she has inspired so many young artists to take up art. Chris has been a focal point in the arts not just as an artist but  also as  a gallery manager, curator and community arts worker. With the establishment of Dirty Linen an independent gallery space, Christine provided a suitable venue for young and emerging artists and without restrictions she provide a platform, for artists, poets and musician.  Sadly Christine is moving to Brisbane so with the closure of Dirty Linen, Bundaberg has lost an alternative art space but hopefully Christine will continue her arts practice well into the future.

The artist books featured, is a collaboration by Beryl Kitching, Sue Hutton and myself and was presented to Christine as a gift.  book for chris 1 book for Chris by Sue 2 Book for chris by Sue

New Work, ‘The Secret Lives of Girlfriends’ in the style of early illuminated manuscripts

Getting started, pen & ink drawings are scanned into the computer, refined then printed out and transferred to silk cut lino, cutting and proofing as the work develops. This process will take time as I don’t to cut away too much at this point.