New Work ‘The secret lives of girlfriends’

Working title, the secret lives of girlfriends,  Artist book.
Working title, the secret lives of girlfriends,
Artist book.

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New Work, ‘The Secret Lives of Girlfriends’ in the style of early illuminated manuscripts

Getting started, pen & ink drawings are scanned into the computer, refined then printed out and transferred to silk cut lino, cutting and proofing as the work develops. This process will take time as I don’t to cut away too much at this point.

Feature Artist book for March 2015 “The Red Shoes”

Red shoes cover Red-shoes-page-1jpg-cover Red shoes page 3 Red shoes page 2

Artist: Catherine Mc Cue Boes


Title: Red Shoes linocuts

Publisher: The Red Shoes Press

Date: 1995

Leaves: 6 hand colored linocuts

Size: Book size 61 cm x 46 cm

Housing:  Hard cover in red and black book cloth, with red linen thread. Italian paper inserts. Text written by the artist.

Edition: 2

Printer: The artist.

References: Inspired by Hans Christian Andersons story ‘The Red Shoes’ and ‘Women who run with Wolves’ by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. These two accounts of the Red Shoes has inspired my version of the Red Shoes.

Feature Artist Book for February 2015 Red Shoes Monoprints

Red Shoes monoprints cover Red Shoes monoprints 7 Red Shoes monoprints 6 Red Shoes monoprints 5 Red Shoes monoprints 4 Red Shoes monoprints 3 Red Shoes monoprints 1 Red-Shoes-monoprints-2-small

Title: Red Shoes (monoprints)

Publisher: The Red Shoes Press

Date: 1987

Leaves: 8 lose images in B/W with Chine Collie and gold paint

Size: Images: 16 x 12cm paper size 33 x 26cm

Housing: Hard cover, envelope style folio in red end paper with red book cloth 3 red ties

Edition: Unique

Printer: The artist.

References: The first set of images for the ‘Red Shoes” series, used as working drawings to create the later linocuts.

Feature Artist Book November ‘The Book of Lost Souls’

Book of Lost Souls,

12 small monoprints and 6 double page monoprints

Housing: hard cover in dark blue Italian paper with black end papers. Coptic stitched


Based on a series of images that reflect to my dark days, These images have been created over a period of time and have been put into book form for the exhibition Book As Art.

We all have dark days, disappointments, and utter sadness about life’s events, we cant change most of these but we can express then, this is my way whats yours.

Book of Souls 1

Book of Souls 2

Book of Souls 3jpg

Book of Souls 4jpg

Book of Souls 5jpg.

Book of Souls 6jpg.

Book of Souls 7jpg.

Book of Souls 7jpg.

Book of Souls 9jpg.

















Monoprints,  are  spontaneous, no pre drawing required, all the work is carried out on the inked up plate. I use a large glass plate, oil based etching ink, good printing paper and a few rags sticks and baby oil. I usually start by drawing on the inked up plate with the point of a stick just to get the idea working, then work into the plate with a rag removing the ink as I work, if I am not happy with the results, I simply re ink the plate in parts. The finished plate is then printed by hand using a spoon, pressing harder in some areas and lighter in others.

Artist Books 3.0 #13 ‘Anything’ 2014

 Artist Books 3.0 #13 ‘Anything’ 2014

As the name suggests this Artist book exchange may be about ‘anything’ and what an incredible diverse and exciting range of ideas, materials and book designs. Artist from across the globe have contributed to this exchange and the work show on this blog is only a few pages from these remarkable small but powerful artist books.

The last book to arrive from the UK is the work of Theresa Easton titled ‘Industrialized Objects’, makes reference to the Richmond sixteen, a group of individuals imprisoned in Richmond Castel  during the first world war. The ‘absolutist’, conscientious objectors refused to take orders while enlisted in the British army. This artist book also looks at trench art, all sorts of items could be made from brass artillery, strange to think that something designed to kill can take on a more useful and at times beautiful form.

Made up of maps overlaid with images of soldiers, buildings, and military objects, the book also depicts a sense of normality at this brutal time by the inclusion of playing children and birds.

Stitched book, Photo Litho and Silk Screen.   

Industrialized Object
Indust ed 2014 4 1
Indus ed 2014 3 1

Artist Books 3.0 #13 ‘Anything’ 2014

Artist Books 3.0 #13 ‘Anything’ 2014

(Mare nostrum) Martine Rastello France.

Another artist book that includes a map to depict  Homer’s Odyssey. Surrounded by a wash of blue, the Mediterranean Sea, described by the artist,

“I live close to the Mediterranean sea which is “our sea” that is the link between all the Mediterranean populations ( South of France, Italy, Spain, Greece + the 3 North African countries Marocco, Tunisia and Algeria). All these populations have history, stories and myths in common, as well as conflicts and wars.

At school I was fascinated by the Greek mythology that we all studied” – Martine I think we remain fascinated?  The book concludes with the following note: Its  the story of a journey whose starting point is the infinite expanse  of the sea that leads one to the infinite dimension of isolation.

Met ed 2014Met ed 2014 3Met ed 2014 2